Superior Group of Colleges is known for its fastest growth in a very short span of time. In the same quest of creating new horizons, Superior Group established a grand College in Faisalabad in the year 2007. The huge industrial city Faisalabad which is known as ‘Manchester of Pakistan’ gave a huge welcome to Superior College. Faisalabad is Pakistan’s third most populous metropolis which has contributed much in the development of agriculture and industry. According to an estimate Faisalabad contributes huge in revenue generation nearly 20 per cent of the GDP of Pakistan. Its’ rich agricultural land produces sugarcane, wheat and many other crops. The silk and cotton textile industry of Faisalabad is internationally famous for its finest quality. Being located in the central Punjab region, Faisalabad is very well connected to the surroundings via rail, road network, motorways and an international airport as well. The major concern of Superior Group of Colleges was that despite having such great importance, the district Faisalabad lacked professional experts and qualified youths to take part and excel the economic vitality of the city. The reason was found to be low literacy rate in the city being 40 % only

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  • Location: 103-C People colony 1 Superior College Faisalabad
  • Tel: 041-8724881-2