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Facilitating Superior Human Beings was our initiative behind inception of the Superior College Lahore. We always wanted to create a difference in people’s lives through our passionate contributions. Our students are a valuable human capital of Pakistan and we dreamt of making students superior by inculcating in them sense of purpose, innovation and creativity, teamwork, excellence, and rewards for performance. These values give our students true essence of life, success and immortality.

I have always believed in Allah’s oneness and his messages have always inspired me. “Man gets whatever he strives for” has been my guiding force. My real hero my dad taught me to live life of a lion and I followed his footsteps. My all initiatives are reflected through my dauntless actions. From Superior College to the Superior group, from Management Sciences to IT, from Allied Health Sciences to Law, from Economics to Engineering, Pharmacy to Mass Communication and Aviation to MBBS, this journey has been transforming impossibilities into possibilities.
The emphasis of research and starting international research conferences were a sign that we are here to create an impact. Azra Naheed Center for Research and Development provided a platform for young researchers to experiment the risks to run for their dreams and Chaudhry Muhammad Akram Center for entrepreneurship development is making our students self-reliant and is changing mind sets to be the master of their own fate and captain of their soul. Our social responsibility through Chaudhry Muhammad Akram Teaching and Research Hospital is winning hearts of community in providing them the basic medical facilities.
Our work is evident through our focus on plan IQ and EQ which makes us an invincible institute because this mind and heart collaboration always creates a magic of its own. History of Superior is inundated with Superior values which are depicted in every initiative we take. The overall superior environment is an emblem of excellence which rewards individuals and encourages them to leave their impact on the society. This journey of creating miracles with a miraculous team and developing respectable creative, excellent human being are those attributes which surely makes me proud. Our life is Superior and we need to live it to the maximum by discovering a Superior in ourselves. I view every obstacle as an opportunity and this characteristic can surely be found in my every Superior member.
I dream of an educated emancipated energetic Pakistan. Every day I move closer to my dream and hope that our Superior endeavors create a Superior generation which untimely develops a Superior Pakistan.

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