Superior Team


Muhammad Riaz
Project Director The Superior Group

At Superior we are committed to transform lives of our students providing them unique learning environment with superior values of creativity innovation, team work, agility, fairness and excellence. The student success matters to us the most. Their educational LAURELS in professional and Personal life will surely make them discover their Superior selves these optimistic patriotic individuals create a difference as they turn every obstacle into an opportunity their journey of Academic Excellence means our Superiority of winning hearts.


Naveed Ur Rehman
Project Director Lahore Zone

Our Superior Team is a blend of creativity, dedicated, hardworking and focused individuals who have ability to do the impossible for us NOTHING is IMPOSSIBLE.


Sohaib Mehmood
Director Marketing

The idea to be Superior is a mindset and to attain it you have to be excellent enough to create uniqueness and add value in the lives of many. We are in pursuit of reaching a paradigm where Superior means The ONLY ONE.


Husnain H Tarar
General Manager (GM) Business

The years of learning at Superior develops a habit to be optimistic. The positive mindset creates every obstacle into an opportunity and gives you a brighter picture about life.


Nabeel ur Rehman
Director Academics

To be the best you have to prove yourself that “ You are the only 1” the team Superior is destined to create an emotional intelligence generation really to impact positivity among our youth our Academic laurels have made us synonymous to our name.

Yasir Khan

Yasir Khan
Regional Director Multan Zone

Honour and fame can only become your identity if you if you run after your dreams Superior Group of Colleges envision your future and helps you attain it with grace.

Shahzada Suneel

Shahzada Suneel
Regional Director Mianwali Zone

Who you are tomorrow begins with what you are today Superior makes you work to believe in your abilities and create an identity which remains with you throughout your life.

Chaudhry Muhammad Yousaf

Chaudhry Muhammad Yousaf
Regional Director Faisalabad Zone

At Superior we make you go wholeheartedly to do anything in order to achieve, something worth having. We give direction and purpose to your efforts. Your years with us will surely make you a Superhero.

Sanawar K Awan

Sanawar K Awan
Regional Director Shahkot Zone

At the Superior we make sure that time is always right to do what is right. One good thing about us is that when we prepare you to be the best we make sure you become the one.

Saleem Mughal

Saleem Mughal
Regional Director Gujranwala Zone

Education at Superior is a beautiful experience. It makes you fall in love with the environment of togetherness. The discussions conversations, talks laugh are those techniques which replace your empty mind with a superior One.

Saqib Imran

Saqib Imran
Regional Director Okara Zone

Your years at Superior are the most exciting moments of every student. We teach you that the key to a Successful life “to SCHEDULE YOUR PRIORITIES”

Hamid Younas

Hamid Younas
Regional Director Sargodha Zone

Superior Success is about what you inspire other to do. We always encourage our students to BE THE REAL the world will adjust. The co-curricular activities @ Superior provide a platform to create a difference with their personality

Tariq Awan

Tariq Awan
Regional Director Sialkot Zone

Superior Group of colleges with its Vision is creating a positive impact. Our Plan IQ & EQ are strengthening the future of Pakistan. Join us to be the master of your own fate.