Plan EQ

Plan EQ is an elaborative system to organize and execute events of recreational yet personality development nature. A wide range of curricular and co-curricular activities has been designed for the students to strengthen their IQ and EQ. Since, IQ (Intelligent Quotient) helps an individual get a job, EQ teaches you how to be successful in your life. EQ helps students develop self-awareness, self-management, social interaction and relationship management. From the early years of our college students, we keenly focus on training them not only for academic success but for the entire life. Following are the main features of our Plan EQ.

Superior mini trips

Mini Trips are organized to enhance students’ social interaction, leadership qualities, healthy recreational skills and strong emotional bank account. This activity makes students self-directive in shaping their future. From educational tours to industrial or historical sites, these tours are highly valued in terms of experiencing on ground realities. To refresh our students and give them a relaxing break form hectic studies, recreational tours to exotic & lush spots are taken on yearly basis. Superior tours mark an enjoyable event in lives of students.

Superior nights: Fun filled talent show

Superior Nights are held to enhance our students’ creative skills and boost their self confidence. This fun-filled event is a way to develop a strong liaison between students and teachers. To add more value of cooperation and network building, senior and junior students also get closer in terms of idea sharing and joint performances. The overall environment and ambiance of Superior Nights is unforgettable for its fun, liveliness and creativity.

Debate competitions

Debate Competitions polish our students’ communication skills, argumentative sensibility and tolerance over clash of opinionated differences. Debate Competitions enable students to reach higher levels of thinking, problem solving abilities and overall academic performance. At Superior College we often hold debate competitions which teach our students good research & presentation techniques. Students extensively study to prepare for these competitions which certainly add to their knowledge bank. Versatility of debate topics also strengthens youth’s wisdom and makes them really good communicators for future.

Quiz competitions: Producing geniuses

Quiz Competitions are the mind games designed on topics of general knowledge as well as of study courses & syllabus material. Superior teachers extensively work on quizzes as a technique to help students better understand their lessons and learn the art of answering accordingly. Secondly, learning objectives are very easily measured to let teachers identify whether students are grasping the knowledge & theories in right direction or not.

In terms of minimum time countdown, quiz competitions spark up memory triggers when students answer in a blink of eye. The variety of topics enriches students’ knowledge while its practice produces real geniuses. The sense of competition in quizzes also enhances the spirit for high achievements